Høyrup & Clemmensen gains a competitive advantage by bringing static information to life
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Since 1910, Høyrup & Clemmensen has established, expanded and maintained electrical installations at some of Denmark’s leading companies and organisations. The company is using ŷAV’s GenieBelt product for the large-scale renovation of Hvidovre Hospital located near Copenhagen. Høyrup & Clemmensen was contracted to replace 14,500 electrical fixtures across 2,500 rooms and 230,000 m2 with energy-optimised solutions.






51-200 employees

Why Høyrup & Clemmensen chose ŷAV

Better overviews, less delays

When faced with the size and complexity of this large renovation project, the management at Høyrup & Clemmensen were concerned that they would have difficulties with task and supply chain management, resulting in downtime and delays on the construction site.

Whilst Excel has until now provided the company with a good basic overview, they felt they needed more interactive and immediate insight into actual progress in each of the 2,500 rooms.

The data was quickly and easily transferred from Excel into GenieBelt and soon, Høyrup & Clemmensen were up and running on the platform.

  • Management issues
  • Excel’s lack of interactive insight
  • Difficulties with the supply chain
  • Downtime and delays on the construction site

“We looked at a number of different solutions but ended up choosing ŷAV’s GenieBelt product, as it is an incredibly easy and simple tool to use, even during the learning phase”

says Tom Lindquist, Managing director at Høyrup & Clemmensen
says Tom Lindquist, Managing director at Høyrup & Clemmensen
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getting to understand the client’s needs

Efficiency and precise information

The use of LB Geniebelt product has brought Høyrup & Clemmensen’s static information to life, allowing the project manager to improve planning and scheduling. As a result, materials are delivered on-site, on time and at the correct locations.

“The tool involves our electricians in the process in a way that facilitates providing solutions to any problems that arise”

says Thomas Birch, Project director at Høyrup & Clemmensen
says Thomas Birch, Project director at Høyrup & Clemmensen

Høyrup & Clemmensen appreciate the full audit trail and progress reporting they get with LB Geniebelt product as well as the overview of potential problems and the way LB Geniebelt provides an interactive, flexible way of working. This level of transparency allows them to closely monitor every aspect of our projects, enabling them to quickly identify and address any potential issues that may arise. With LB Geniebelt’s intuitive interface and interactive features, they’re able to adapt and respond to evolving circumstances with ease, ensuring that projects stay on track and on budget.

“We expect that the implementation of ŷAV’s GenieBelt product will make a measurable difference to our efficiency. The program is easy and intuitive to use for electricians, and it provides us with a clear platform where we can efficiently update the progress of the contract”

says Tom Lindquist, Managing director at Høyrup & Clemmensen
says Tom Lindquist, Managing director at Høyrup & Clemmensen

Being forward-thinking in their approach to construction, Høyrup & Clemmensen understand the vital role that digital tools such as LB Geniebelt play in efficiently navigating the intricacies of large-scale contracts. By embracing these innovative solutions, they enhance their ability to deliver unparalleled results for their clients.

“We need to differentiate ourselves by adding value and we want to position ourselves in the market for technology solutions“

says Tom Lindquist, Managing director at Høyrup & Clemmensen
says Tom Lindquist, Managing director at Høyrup & Clemmensen
  • Improvement on planning and scheduling
  • Interactive and flexible way of working
  • Quick assessment of issues
  • Enhanced efficiency

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