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LB Aproplan

Snagging, quality and safety control

For all project types

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  • Snagging with on-plan pins
  • QHSE checklists and forms
  • Documents and plans
  • Off-line usage
  • Advanced reports
LB Geniebelt

Multi-project schedule communication

For volume builders

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  • Interactive Live Gantt
  • Real-time progress updates
  • Cross-project for repetitive builds
  • Excel/P6/MSP companion
  • One-click task reports


General LB Aproplan LB Geniebelt
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100% mobile and web apps icon img img
User and access management icon img img
Unlimited data storage icon img img
Integration with your existing tools icon img img
EU hosting facilities and GDPR compliant services icon img img

Customer Care

Customer Care LB Aproplan LB Geniebelt
In-App Customer Support icon img img
Onboarding Pack icon Recommended Recommended
Enterprise Onboarding Packicon Available Available
Process Consulting Services icon Available Available
ŷAV Data Services icon Available Available
LB Aproplan

Quality and safety control

For all project types

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LB Geniebelt

Multi-project schedule communication

For volume builders

Contact us for personalised pricing

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Frequently asked questions

We have found that customers who commit up-front to a full year of using ŷAV are more successful in the long run and our goal is to encourage practices that will help you reach the same success. ŷAV subscriptions are therefore billed annually. The subscription amount then depends on the number of users, projects and modules – this lets you start small and upgrade as you grow.

If you reach out, we’ll work with you to thoroughly understand your business requirements and guide you through the available choices. We make sure you confidently select the features and complementary services that best meet your needs.

No, your subcontractors are invited as guests which allows them to access and contribute to your projects for free. Paid users generally only include your core team members (e.g. project manager, site manager, QHSE manager, etc.). When managing your projects in ŷAV, you can also add or remove free or paid users at all times.

Our standard term is a 12 month subscription. You may add new licences during this period and will be charged pro-rata to the contract start date. Any planned downsell or cancellation can take place only at the end of the subscription period. Contact your account manager for more information regarding the different possibilities that you have.

Yes, all new ŷAV customers must buy services to get started on the right foot. Connecting your teams with ŷAV is much more than just implementing software to track your team’s progress; it’s about connecting your teams and processes together for a new digital way of working. That is much easier to do with the experience and personal support of our implementation specialists taking you through our onboarding journey, best customer practices and training programs. Reach out and we will be happy to recommend the most appropriate onboarding package depending on the number of processes you want to support, the scale of your teams and if our services will be provided remotely or on-site.

Yes. We have a free trial that you can access to test out ŷAV’s capabilities. For larger rollouts, we can assist in preparing an in-depth proof of concept for testing out specific processes live – don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information on this service.

We are an independent and GDPR-compliant vendor established since 2012 in Belgium and Denmark. Our infrastructure, customer data and their backups are entirely managed by our engineering teams and exclusively hosted within highly secured ISO27001, SOC1/2, Tier-4 facilities in Europe.

On one hand, ŷAV supports your existing schedules and documents by integrating with tools such as MS Excel, MS Project, PowerProject, Primavera P6, SharePoint, Revit, Bricsys and other industry standard solutions. On the other hand, ŷAV provides advanced integrations with data mart access and dashboard solutions such as PowerBI or Tableau. A REST API is also available for custom integration purposes. Get in touch to learn more about their possibilities and pricing.


Stop sitting on the sidelines. Stay ahead of the game with ŷAV

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